Site Updates and Upgrades!

Over the past couple of weeks I've made some tweaks to the site, polishing things up to work just a little bit more smoothly wherever I can. Here's a quick breakdown of things I've done that might've gone unnoticed:

  • Revamped payment pages to reintroduce PayPal and added "update payment info" to Stripe
    As I mentioned in an earlier blog post, I enabled the ability to subscribe via PayPal again since support for it never actually went away. Furthermore, I enabled a newly implemented feature that allows you to update your payment info on Stripe subscriptions without having to cancel and resubscribe.
  • Polished gallery and YCH views, making the layout and ordering more consistent
    Since the metadata for each post could vary to the point of affecting the height of the entries in the layout, this led to a strange behaviour where the order that they were displayed in wasn't always consistently chronological. Now, the layout is perfectly aligned along a fixed grid. YCHes will also be making a return soon, along with the planned but delayed commission schedule.
  • Changed SSO options because of Elon Musk
    Twitter sign-on broke with the advent of new and creative ways of driving an entire social media network careening straight into the ground. There was no way for me to reimplement it without huge expense, so I removed it and added other options instead. You can now log in using Discord, Facebook, Google, OneAll, Reddit, Steam and Tumblr, which can be set up on your profile management page.
  • Improved "Lightbox" image viewer for art posts
    Image galleries inside posts have been given a better, smoother viewing experience. You might have noticed this already, but it now allows you to navigate with swiping on your phone, zooming in with a click/tap, and even download the image easily with a dedicated button at the top right, which is visible while in viewing mode.
  • Tweaked caching for faster response times; more work pending
    This is still only a minor improvement as of right now, but I noticed the site getting increasingly sluggish over time and I'm looking into getting it back up to scratch again.

I've been mulling over revamping the entire site's layout with a brand new template because I worry that it might be a little bland, but I think it still does the job and it's gained a new lease on life with these key improvements.

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