I’ve Got PayPal Again!

Since migrating onto Stripe, things have been going swimmingly on the site. Reduced transfer fees, simplified payment processing, and so on.

The vast majority of you have migrated to the new system but a few have held on tightly to your PayPal subscriptions, which has prevented me from entirely disabling support for them in the backend. A while back I received a note from a fan on DeviantArt who asked if it was possible to sign up to the site using PayPal instead of Stripe, so I figured that if some folks are already using it anyway, why not update the site to support them both instead?

While existing subscribers won't notice much of a change, if you've been held back from signing up because of my Stripe exclusivity, now's your chance to check out my tiers and sign up!

Please note that to make up for the higher costs of using PayPal, a slight markup of €1 to €2 will be added to the membership price depending on the tier. The final prices are listed on the checkout form for your information.



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