UnChristmas ’24 Sprint Commissions

For a while now I've observed a made-up holiday I call "UnChristmas day" on the 25th of June, since it's the farthest point from both Christmases prior and following, but I don't think I've ever gotten to actually celebrate it up until the last one! I'm also posting this on international Chocolate Day, which seems like a great time for another free post on the site, so I hope you'll enjoy it!

I took some cheap and cheerful commission slots at €35 for half an hour a pop, and unsurprisingly, diapers featured very prominently across the board.

In order, the slots were for Flowers, Shuki, Fiona, Wintie, and Aurora.

Two of the five were "gifted" right back to me too, which I found was very much keeping within the spirit of the day! It was especially fun drawing my puppy self as baby and in mushy diapers - so much that I went back to add a whole bunch of extra detail to that one the next day. The magic - as well as where it's coming from - was an especially fun addition too, to say the least... 💖


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