Hi there, and thanks for contributing to my Donation Drive! It really helps me out.

This Debauchery Drive has ended but there may be more coming in future!

If you're looking for the latest illustrations of the Drive, check my art Twitter and the site update linked below for all the updates and content!

Here's a quick and easy guide on how voting with your donations works:

  1. Pick your favourite character and kinks from the listings below, and get the matching code or codes.
  2. Decide on an amount you'd like to donate, and fill out the form below.
  3. After successfully submitting your donation, write the kink code or codes in the note field provided.
  4. You're done!

If you're a patron, your first donation to the Drive will also include a bonus amount of half your monthly pledge added on top to your kink/s of choice!

Characters & Donation Kink Listings
Category Progress

FAQs & Guides

What are the character kink codes?

On each of the Donation Drive listings (viewable in the section above), each of the different themes, or kinks, comes with a small code like “C3,” “R2,” or “S4,” which uniquely identifies that combination of character and kink.

Just write the code or codes into your donation note, and I’ll assign or split your donation amount into funding those respective kinks. It’s easy!

How do the donation and stretch goals work?

Each set kink has an initial €100 goal, and repeatable €75 stretch goals after that. The “Wild Card” category has an initial goal of €85 instead.

For every goal that’s reached, I will draw an illustration subjecting the relevant character to the relevant kink, doubling down on the previous one in the same series each time – the kinks will not be combined as part of the Donation Drive. There is no upper limit to any of the stretch goals.

For the “Wild Card” category, I will randomly select a fetish from my idea cards and add it to the idea each time a stretch goal is reached. Up to four cards will be added, following which the same doubling down will be done as in the case of the other set kinks.

Furthermore, when the total donations of a character’s goals reach €350, I will unlock a new character with their own set of kinks and donation goals. There are four characters in total, starting with Chocolate and Ruby and the possibility of unlocking Yasmin and Isaac from respective donations.

Will the kinks be combined together?

The short answer is “it’s not likely, for now.”

The main scope of this project is for each theme to be illustrated separately. Every initial goal and subsequent stretch goal will translate to an illustration of that same theme.

After the Drive has ended I may consider combining themes that do well and seem interesting together, but for the duration of the Drive, I will be working separately on each theme as the goals are reached.

How long will the event run?

The Drive ends about a week after the most recent donation will have come in. I’ll make a final call before closing things up a day later.

Help, I forgot to add a note after my donation!

Not to worry, this is easy to fix but only if done in a timely manner!

  1. Click on the Donation Drive link you used to access this page – don’t refresh the page, it will only return an error.
  2. On the donation form, click on “Manage your payments.”
  3. If you are not logged in or do not already have an account on this website, follow the instructions to access your data.
  4. Select “Your Transactions” and click the “Receipt” button on the donation you wish to add or edit the note of.

Please note that if your donation is at least a few hours old, I may have already processed and added it to whichever goals need it most. Please contact me directly in such a situation; however, if I’ve already published an updated donation tracker as part of an illustration, then this decision is final.