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My name is Chocolate Kitsune, and I'm a furry fetish artist. Thanks for visiting!

This site works primarily as a platform for patronage, where fans can support my work and gain early access to my art and other perks too. It allows me to develop my skills with more experimental and long-term projects, and explore new and exciting ideas on my own terms. There's so much I've got planned to make and share with you all.

Your contribution reduces my reliance on commissions and funds the time to work on my own projects and ideas. If you like what I do, then this is the best place to help me out. I appreciate you checking out the site, and hope you'll join in too - any amount helps me out tremendously.

You can check out a sample of the content you'll see here linked below and in the Gallery. Most of my finished artwork gets shared publicly, so there shouldn't be much that's new there.

Start Pledging!

If you'd like to jump right in and start contributing, you can Sign up and head to the Subscriptions page to see what you can pledge and the perks you'll receive in return!

Thanks again!

Content Notice: All characters depicted are consenting actors enacting fictitious scenes. All characters depicted in sexually explicit scenes are consenting adult actors over the age of 18.

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