Virtual CFz Commissions

A couple of weekends ago, I took a bunch of quick-fire commissions in lieu of the work I would've gotten had I been able to attend CFz. Here's a collection of the sfw commissions I got done at the start of the session.

Nik and Ink (happily and coincidentally acronyms of one another) both asked me for something casual and/or relaxed for their commissions. That meant two very different things for both of them, so while I went for a fairly commonplace, albeit tailor-made scene with Nik, Ink's predilections demanded something perhaps a little more... Unique.

Sigma asked me to make a gift for their partner and a friend of theirs who's been supplying them with loads of baking recipes to keep them entertained during the lockdown. They then asked me to add another fun little reference cause that's exactly what their partner would do in the situation.


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