Virtual CFz Diaper Commissions

A couple of weekends ago, I took a bunch of quick-fire commissions in lieu of the work I would've gotten had I been able to attend CFz. Here's a collection of the diaper and ABDL-related commissions.

First up, Arvi had me draw a fun little scene between his two OCs, Todd and Lisa. No real mystery who wears the pants in this relationship... The thick, pink and crinkly pants, anyway.

Next up is Wintie having a fun, quiet (albeit buzzy), soggy night in. He's all set to win whatever it is he's playing!

Talk about force feedback.

This one was requested by FaerieAlex who, while under Shadii's care, got a very unexpected diaper check during her morning routine. Probably for the best, cause it looks about to burst!

Taki left hers up to me, and well, I wasn't about to let her get off easy. I felt like some public magical hijinks would put her right.


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