Wolfie’s Streams – March ’20

More pampers, puppies and... plushies?

This was a fantastic stream session for me. I'm sure you'll enjoy this pack, especially with the help of more of Wolfie's lovely descriptions accompanying them.

Games for halfies are an emerging market and Russel loves this one. It's a quite nuanced sheep-herding title, but maybe it's the messaging that really keeps him engaged. Mom's set him up on the spare TV and with ample padding he'll "stay" for a few hours racking up a new high score. Next time she'll set out a plate of milkbones and a puppypad to go with his halfie-adapted controller.

Austin got a new plushie to keep him company. The teenbaby fox has gotten quite fussy these days, and his caretakers think a new friend will help. It seems the stuffed bunny is having some effect, with the fox's protests about not needing his poofy nappies being replaced with the quiet, demure behaviour that is expected of him. Along with some other expected behaviours, like soggying his underwear at the drop of a hat, rather than just during naptime. Well, naptime padding has become playtime padding now…

Of course, the arrival of his new plush and the commencement of his daytime accidents was a complete coincidence, and being required to carry it with him wherever he goes is merely a lesson in taking care of his toys, and not part of a bigger scheme to infantilize the little, ill-mannered fox into a compliant baby.

At home, Austin's bedwetting was never too much of a problem, once pull-ups and appropriate instructions had been laid out. His new behaviour is a little too much, and now the fox is sent to bed properly padded every single night.

Night-time messing is rather unusual in a fox of his age, certainly, but it's quite easy to deal with, just the replacement of Goodnites with thicker, overnight Pampers. He didn't take it especially well, but pushing his stuffed toy into his arms normally calmed him enough. Now he takes it to bed every single night. What a good boy.

This one's just a little joke based on a catchy YTPMV. Tails has hunted down some baby clothes for you, and so help him you're gonna wear them!


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