Wolfie’s Streams – Puffy Plushie

Here's one more plushophile picture I set aside from Wolfie's March stream batch post earlier on. I'm posting it separately since it didn't really fit in with the theme of the rest of them.

This is part of an overarching idea that Wolfie and Ru have been playing around with for a long time now, and I'm sure we'll see more of in future. It was also not excluded from Wolfie's attention when writing his lovely descriptions, so please enjoy. <3

Someone has started mass-producing fun plush toys with a kinky twist! This one is based on a popular comic character, and it seems quite surprised at being awake*, being made entirely of fabric and stuffed with foam.

The little plushie's paws can't quite get to those soft, rubberized bits, and their stubby lil' legs aren't much good for getting around on either, but with a little help from the friendly-looking fur who turned them on, that won't be too much of an impediment to a good time!

*Sentience sold seperately. Warranty void if sentience removed after use.


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