Site Perks & Workflow Updates!

The past several months have been a very challenging but fruitful learning experience for me, and I believe this has been reflected in my work and the changes I've been making to this site. I'm always looking for ways to do a better job and fix what doesn't work, so here are the latest changes; hopefully for the better.

Commission Progress Posts

I've recently had to rely a little more heavily on commissions for my income, and this has unsurprisingly led to me spending less time on sponsored content for the site. Starting from my next batch of commissions, patrons at the Chocolate Malt Balls (€7) tier and up will now get to see progress work of commissioned art which has been approved by the commissioner.

Commissioners may opt out of this for any reason and at no extra cost so not everything will be included, but it will help fill the gaps in activity when I'm focusing more on my commissioned work. Unlike my sponsored art, finished commissions will be posted publicly as soon as they are done.

Content Tailoring

One thing I've sorely missed since discontinuing the direct art rewards on Patreon was the exciting challenge of making tailor-made content with specific people in mind. Since then, having to choose from such an endless list of possible kinks and themes has left me overwhelmed by choice and struggling to pick any one direction.

To this end, I've also added a new reward to the Devil's Food Cake (€25) tier, "Influencing the Site's Content," which replaces the old "Warmup Queue" perk. Patrons pledging at this tier can now provide their preferred kinks and themes to guide my brainstorming process. If you're one of these generous people, you'll find a new section added to your profile page where you can submit this information for me to reference for ideas.

This will allow me to work the collaborative part of the art rewards back into my creative process, and give high tier patrons some influence on what I produce. I will still be mostly self-directed in this regard, and I won't be including specific patrons' characters in the art resulting from these suggestions. However, this gives me a better idea of what people would like to see me make, and helps to focus my efforts a little bit.

I already have some ideas of how to put these suggestions to use as part of my workflow, so you should hear from me again real soon once I've experimented a little with that. In the meantime, head over to your profile page and let me know what you'd like to see more of.

Do let me know if you have any feedback or questions about these changes. I'm interested to hear from you!


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