Emotional Redistribution; “Dysfunctions” Followup and “Finale”

I'll start off this post by saying I'm doing fine now; although this part is related to some feelings that need deeper investigation and work, it's not as bad as what I illustrated I was going through at the start of this series.

A couple of nights ago, once I'd cleared my mental processes of the anxiety and fear that was stopping me from making things, some feelings of inadequacy and self-doubt started creeping in again. At the time I didn't really know what they meant nor where they were coming from, but the very next morning (which would be yesterday) it dawned on me and I knew exactly what I needed to draw.

Therapy set me straight on a lot of what was plaguing me, but I still wanted to see this final part of the trilogy through as I felt like it showed the other major aspect to my personal dysfunctions and insecurities, which was just as important for me to get down on paper.

I don't expect this particular saga to go on much further, if at all, this time around; but this certainly won't be the last time we see the dysfunctions turn up again, especially in my art.

That said, "this last time" also involved a bonus "Finale" that was suggested by my friend Plushie. In her own words, "Draw me helping you kick the shit out of 'im." Once I realized what I could do with it, the rest of it just fell into place as a fun, silly little ending to tie things off. Please don't feel bad for it, it'll be fine.

PS: Yes, it's also a Jojo reference.

PPS: This isn't the actual finale.

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