Melanie “Cinnabun” Leslie

I recently picked up an adoptable from my friend JesseFerret, and frankly I don't even think I need to explain why I did it given that she looks like she might as well be related to Chocolate and Ruby.

Here's her original design and my rendition of her; I even exercised restraint and only slightly undressed her!

She's a more mature woman than my usual fare, and at around 48 years of age, she's far and away my oldest character but I loved the thought of making her more experienced and still as frisky and openly sexual as ever.

Miss Leslie is the head librarian, lead curator and effectively owner of a cozy, old little library which, to those unaware, would seem fairly unassuming and out of the way in its nook within the town it's situated. Within the right circles, it's rather renowned for its extensive and well-maintained section specializing in the occult and various sorceries.

She's a very kind soul and extremely diligent and committed to her duties, but can be a little clumsy at times. Some suspect that she attained her somewhat prestigious position through foul play, but those who know, really know how she got there.

She uses her knowledge and extensive resources at the library to indulge in a lot of depraved and kinky stuff with whoever catches her fancy and wants her to, and if you know how to ask, she'll show you a very good time in one of the secluded "reading rooms" in the darker sections of the library.


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