Kinktober Day 14: Ferret Fusion

Today's was fun. Expulsion & Purging (Inverse), Merging & Swapping, and Character Differences. To explain the "Inverse" part, I tried experimenting with some new mechanics for IiaB, one of which lets me play a card to invert the meaning of a card of my choice. I chose Expulsion cause it's not one of my favourite cards, but that effectively suggested Vore & Absorption in its stead, which are also not my mainstays, but that I still find quite fun!

So here we find Dal subject to some of Isaac's more involved shenanigans, having just been turned into an ice cream (with gumball eyes!) by him, who was clearly feeling quite snackish at the time. This led to some very fun merging and transformative side-effects, which they soon take to indulging within the same body for some intense mutual enjoyment.

I literally looked up the Sonic face ice cream as design reference material for this drawing and I couldn't have been happier to do so. I was grinning like an idiot all throughout the process.

This will be available as a custom sticker option later on; both by itself and included as a bonus for this illustration's YCH slot.

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