Trans Day of Visibility 2023

I wasn't originally going to post this on here but after it turned into a set of illustrations I figured it was worth putting up the high res versions where you all could see them in better quality.

Today (yesterday for me, at this point) "was" Transgender Day of Visibility. Last year's was a little tenuous for me given that I was still coming to terms with things and not realizing what was just around the corner, but since I've bounced back a bit this month I've been able to put more thought and consideration into my identity and where I want to go with my transition.

It hasn't been easy.

I felt it was worth channeling my thoughts and feelings into some art, and this is what resulted. As you may have already seen, I posted it on all my public galleries with the caption,

"I'm not sure when I'll truly ever be ready to be seen."

What followed was an outpouring of support that I genuinely was not expecting. I was somewhat overwhelmed with the kindness and encouraging things everyone sent my way, and it really cleared my mind of all the doubts I'd been having about myself all day.

It might not make any of the steps ahead of me any easier, but it's reassuring to know that despite all the horrible nonsense going on out there, I'm in a place where I've got the right people keeping an eye on me for now.

Thanks everyone. 💝


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