Bunny Day Tricks

Looks like someone booby-trapped one of Zipper T. Bunny's Bunny Day wands and left it out for someone to find - Ruby just had to be the one to find it! Ah well, the Bunny day event runs for a whole week, so she'd best get comfy popping out those eggs for everyone to find until the big day...

I'd meant to get this sequence done for Easter last year but unfortunately, I often find myself unable to work against a strict deadline unless I have a clear idea in mind. Lucky for me, though, Mayternity happens right after Easter, so I had a good excuse to give it another go despite missing it again this year. That said, I'm really happy with the results and I think it was worth the wait; seeing the subtle changes and improvements to my style and technique since then was rather motivating, to say the least. You can scroll down to see a side-by-side comparison between my first attempt and the remake of the first image.

This sequence was made prior to the Brooding Panties imageset, so this should put it into context if you're subbed at Tier 1 and didn't see the WIP post. I figured that the linework turned out too good to leave uncoloured, but after a splash of flats I'm gonna call these done.

While working on this in stream, TigerJames suggested giving Ruby a more toned-down and bewildered look for the third part of the sequence, which you'll find in the hidden section below. It will still turn up in order in the navigation mode (i.e. it will show two part threes in the sequence), so I figured I'd mention to avoid confusion.

Alternate Slower Build (Part 3)


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