Giftart Batch Post – March ’21

I like giving gifts as much as I can manage it, and I wish I could do it more often. As a compromise, I tend to make smaller-scale gift art to offer as much coverage as possible, especially given that I'm a little on the slower side when it comes to completing art projects.

To emphasize this point, here's a massive batch of sketch gifts I made for the staff and crew of CFz 2017 (yes, nearly 4 years ago) which was the first con I ever attended. Sometime around the end of last year or the beginning of this year, I finally got done with making 57 of the 59 gift drawings I'd promised back then.

I also made a big Twitter thread tagging most folks who chimed in to the original tweet where I first offered the gifts. Lemme tell you what, a lot changes in 4 years, like usernames and fursonas, and it gets pretty tricky to track folks down.

I also made some more little doodles cause of the "draw mutuals badly" artist meme that was going around on Twitter at the time, and wanted to help break my art block by doodling cute little icons of folks who were present and interacting in stream chat while I was making them.

What's that? Wondering what happened to the remaining 2 gifts from the CFz batch? Well, a lot changes in 4 years.

Arwyn & Suki at the Room Party (Vanilla NSFW)


  1. Dal


    One dook for each of the cuties, any more and the site would probably break

    1. Dal

      Also you should censor that last one, that’s disgusting, utterly shameful you would draw those…. THINGS…..

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