Fanart Mini-Festival (August ’20)

For last night's stream, I decided to focus my attention on making some artwork in homage to the entertaining stuff that's kept me sane in recent weeks.

I expect that these fanart related posts will be a regular occurrence. First up this time around, we have Bigtop Burger. It's a wonderfully quirky, fantastically animated short series on YouTube that I strongly encourage everyone to watch.

I can't even begin to list the ways in which I love this show, so instead, here's the drawings I got done for it. I love all of the characters in it, but I had to start from somewhere and sadly didn't have the time to include everybody. I might make more sometime.

I recently streamed a full playthrough of Carrion over on my Twitch account, and I loved every bit of it. This is a little homage to its aesthetic in a rather silly marriage between the gorey, lo-fi grunge and cutesy, fluffy whatever-it-is that you'd call my style. It was really fun to make!

The contrast between subject matter and theme from the start to the end of the same stream was certainly not lost on me.


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