Worldbuilding: “Main 6” Character Sheets

Holy moley, it's a full set of character sheets!

These took far more work than I had originally anticipated. I got stuck tweaking the designs and layouts of the sheets for a very long time trying to make them look consistent while getting a good balance between providing all the essential information and not being overwhelming. You'll notice that I reuploaded both Chocolate's and Ruby's sheets; this is cause I made a few more edits to them since the last Worldbuilding post I put up.

After this project, though, I feel like I've also settled on a style of reference sheet that I'm quite happy with. Being able to go all-out with my own characters let me play around with things a lot, and replicating this layout in commissions while still being able to offer different levels of detail will be far easier to do with these first designs in hand.

These will serve as my "Main 6" characters for the majority of my personal projects. With these done, I'll be putting my Worldbuilding work on the back burner for a while, in favour of resuming more specific illustration projects. However, I still have many character design ideas I'd like to explore with them in future.

For starters, I already have concepts in mind of supporting characters for several of them (which are also hinted in some of their sheets). I also have many other related subjects I'd like to expand upon, like their abilities, quirks and backstories in the form of what I'm tentatively calling "Lore Pages." These will likely take the form of a more relaxed style of reference sheet that deals with specific parts of the characters' designs.

For now though, enjoy these character sheets - I hope you like them!


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