Lavender Lapine Pretty in Pink Pullups

NB: Although this was already shared publicly, here is the higher res version of the piece, as is standard. I literally made this last night, after recovering from some abrupt illness, so I couldn't hold to my usual 2-week Patreon embargo just this once.

Check out this post if you missed it and if you haven't already been acquainted with Ruby via my streams and discussions on Discord. That should get you up to speed. 💝

10 years ago to the day, I made this piece here.  I had to commemorate it somehow after it was brought to my attention,  and Ruby was a shoe-in for a redraw. At the very least, it's a great  opportunity to get you all a little better acquainted with her. 💝

Shout-outs to bleddyn for giving me the idea to put Ruby in this scene and nerdyzora for letting me know it'd be the original's 10 year anniversary today. The synchronicity was spot on. 


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