Celebrating 100+ Candy Shop Subscribers!

A few weeks ago we hit our new highest subscribed patrons count of 104! I wanted to wait a while to see if the 100+ figure would persist, and it has!

This is a huge milestone for me, especially since it's on an independent, solo platform. I've always looked forward to when I'd get here, especially since installing the stat counters on the site's landing page, and the journey was long and difficult, but we're finally here.

I really wanted to make this post to celebrate with and thank everyone who contributed to my crowdfunding endeavors over the years, especially since my subject matter isn't always to everybody's liking and I've had a history of being unreliable with my projects at times too. It feels good to know that there are folks out there who want to support me, not just bankroll my art.

With that in mind, I especially wanted to thank all of you who've been with me for a long time now, over many years; since all the way back on Patreon, and some of you even before that still. So many have helped me on my journey, but without you, I genuinely don't think I'd be here right now.

Not to dredge up bad vibes in a celebratory post, but I've always struggled with gaining and maintaining followers and subscribers. I only mention that to emphasize even further just how much I appreciate every single one of you who've followed along and supported me throughout this long and crazy journey of mine - through the good and the bad, the productive and the slow, and the joy and the sadness.

Here's to another 100 more. 💝

Confetti background texture created from "Confetti" by ADoseofShipBoy and is licensed under CC BY 2.0.


  1. Angel

    Many congrats 😀
    From the bottom of the mountain, that looks like an unassailable peak :p But you have many good people to cheer you on. And you can start looking forward to a thousand now.

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