Staving Off

Last week, before my birthday, I had a rather bad day I'd spent dealing with a barrage of intrusive and self-destructive thoughts.

I had a stream scheduled that same evening and didn't think I could handle drawing for an audience, but I powered through it and got this done. I don't think I've ever gotten so upset after finishing a piece, but that's what happened. I actually had to stop looking at it once I closed off the stream because it cut so deep, despite being so unassuming. Fortunately several friends came in clutch and cheered me up before I called it for the night, so the day didn't end on a bad note.

That said, this is still very much a relatable mood on days when I'm struggling to stay on top of my mental health.


  1. Feefers

    Even in the dark, with monsters at the door, there’s a light around you of friends who wanna help you and reach out beyond that black compact mirror to remind you that you are loved, you matter, you are amazing.

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