Bianca’s Advent TFs – Rubbery Rubbing

My friend Bianca offered to do a couple of trades with me as part of her advent calendar of TF art project.

The third and final prompt was "Therapy." All three of these prompts genuinely challenged me as far as keeping them within the context of TF art while not making anything too complicated, and I suppose this one was definitely a case of biting off a little more than I should've been chewing. That said, even though it added a fair bit of work to the process, it was a fun little experiment to play around with the translucency and the transition between her body's normal and balloon forms.

I did find it quite amusing that the process involved Chocolate repeatedly giving Bianca very severe Chinese burns (AKA Indian burns) at every one of her joints. Not exactly what I'd call very therapeutic, but I expect there was an easing-in process before she got as far as that. Conveniently, it doesn't look like Bianca seems to mind very much anyway.

You can see her half of the trade here.

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