Kinktober Day 28: Sponging Slimes

Today's prompt, Posing, Suppression & Denial, and Consumption, really stuck out to my mind and I'm quite pleased with how it turned out! I think this is where the card modifiers informed the creative process the most, with "Posing" as the main term, and "Consumption" being supplementary read to my mind as being an explanation of how the scene would play out.

Star gets surprised by a mob of slimes that absorb your identity, leaving very little trace of your old self behind when they're done with you! All it took was one of them landing down his neck and back to leave him immobilized, and the rest of them could move in to finish the job and feast on the poor skunk's features, leaving him as a neatly posed mannequin.

Admittedly something that I quite enjoy despite being off my beaten path, but it was still a blast to make and push my boundaries with it!


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