Kinktober Day 25: Equine Exhibitionism

The first winner of the Final Fourlong was (drumroll, please): Pussy, Exaggeration, and Humiliation! I honestly didn't think this would do as well as it did, but boy howdy did I have a fantastic time with this one...

Tiesel happened upon an unsuspecting mare and decided to have some fun with her. No real reason why, just that it loves fucking with people and their secret fantasies; corrupting them into the equivalent of one of those nightmares you find yourself in on a bad night... Only you're wide awake and incapable to resist its awful influence until it gets bored of you.

Garnet found herself feeling rather estrous while out and about one day, with her urges bubbling and insistently difficult to ignore. Tiesel quickly picked up on them and decided to "help" by "encouraging" her to let everybody else know too.

Given what it knows about mares' mating habits, Tiesel also threw in an extra little bonus for her to make absolutely sure that everyone knew she was ready and eager to welcome any suitor willing to take her. Scroll a little further down to see the results of that (cw: watersports).

Piss Alt

With an unbearable pressure building suddenly in her bladder and her inhibitions thoroughly erased, it’s only a few moments of putting herself so shamelessly on display before Garnet begins marking the ground in a public show of utter desperation for anyone paying attention.

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