Custom Kinktober ’23 – Part the Third

Third verse, same as the Second. I'll be providing the prompts with a quick overview of the pools that they came from, without delving too much into the precise process. I'm still saving my game design observations for a single comprehensive post after Kinktober is done and dusted. Again, if you'd like to know how these were generated, I suggest taking a look at my Week 1 post.

Like last time, if you're a Tier 2 or higher patron, make sure you scroll down to volunteer for any available prompts that you like the look of! Days 15 and 16 have already been accounted for, so those unfortunately can't be volunteered for.

That said, there were still some highlights worth mentioning during this play session.

You'll notice first of all that there are 10 prompts this time! Each session added a fair bit of overhead to the process, and the batches of 7 would've needed a 5th session at the end of the month that I could do well without. I had considered doing some kind of wildcard variation in those three remaining days, but I couldn't come up with anything interesting and have been rather swamped with keeping up the pace through the first half of the month. If and when I revisit this challenge, I'll distribute them more evenly across the four batches.

Next, some prompts are actually made up of all 5 terms of the pool - I've marked the "extra" ones so that if anybody would like to try them out for themselves, you'll know what to exclude if combining them all at once proves too tricky. However, those pools seemed like a good fit for the ideas I came up with, and I figured I'd take on the extra challenge for the fun of it.

Last but by no means least, I actually got some help for this session from my friend Plushie! She was looking for any excuse to try out her new VR kit, and I thought it'd be fun to have someone around to influence the pool creation process a bit. It worked out even better than I'd anticipated, and the results were really fun, too.

Here's a few action shots of the process.

And finally, here are the upcoming prompts and the pools they came from.

Day 15: Hands, Ageplay, and Oral

This one’s obviously already been uploaded by now but I still wanted to have a complete catalogue of Kinktober’s prompts listed in these posts.

Day 16: Crotch & Pelvis, Consciousness, and Filth

I used this for four whole prompts, which was a bit of a stretch but I did it!

Day 17: Stuckage, Tail, and Teasing & Tickling (+ Money + Humiliation)

The first full-set prompt for the month. The terms just made sense together to me, but interestingly, the order of the terms do change the suggested meaning, at least to my mind!

Day 18: Size Changing, Sexuality, and Maws

Second of four prompts made from this set. So far it was easy enough.

Day 19: Penetration, Pregnancy, and Body Marking
Day 20: Roleplay, Masturbation & Grinding (Supplementary), and Fluids (Supplementary)

This is the only game I used the modifier mechanic for, and both cards turned up the “Make Supplementary” modifier. This means that the terms marked as supplementary are just used as a background detail to the other terms; in this case Roleplay takes the center stage with both other terms in the back seat.

Day 21: Slice of Life, Identity, and Sizeplay (+ Additional Appendages + Breasts)

Second full-set prompt. This one was a bit weird once I picked the first term picked for the prompt, the rest of it just kinda fell into place.

Day 22: Intangible Influence, Toys, Objectification & Objectophilia (+ Loss of Control + Suppression & Denial)

Third full-set prompt. Can’t wait to showcase this one. 😊

Day 23: Exhibitionism, Science, and Groups

The third prompt of four, and we’re already squeezing out every last drop out of this kinky lemon; especially given that I was avoiding reusing any of the cards in the set.

Day 24: Foreplay, Figure, and Aptophilia

Fourth prompt of four from the set, and I actually had to shift around the chosen terms so that they’d make as much sense as possible without overlapping.

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