Custom Kinktober ’23 – Fetish Cards’ Return

Last night I was scouring the Internet, trying to figure out some way to do Kinktober while avoiding insinuating any sort of affiliation or approval of any one prompts list. Plus, most of them had one or two prompts included that were pretty much dealbreakers for me, so I was right on the verge of compiling a bunch of them and picking whichever one I fancied the most for that day. But then it hit me:

I have my own system for generating Kink Prompts!

So I dusted off the tabletop simulator implementation of my Idea Cards play system, "Inspiration in a Box" and got to work.

With the 6 modes of play that I've designed so far, I decided to randomize which game I'd use to generate each day's prompt. The only rules I kept generally common, wherever applicable, were as follows:

  1. Every day's final chosen prompt would be exactly three terms.
    • Each of the three final terms would have to feature to some extent, but do not have to be the main focus of the piece.
  2. I would always shortlist more terms than necessary for me to then pick the main three from.
    • The only exception is explained below.
  3. The three terms in the final prompt are removed from the pool for the rest of Kinktober.
  4. I would share the full shortlist of each game, for others to mix and match from if they so wished.

Other than that, I could experiment with the variables of each game to keep it interesting, and possibly find new ways to play them in future sessions. At the start of generating each prompt, I'd reveal a card, and pick the game that corresponded to the colour of the card. You can expand the section below for an explanation of the 6 games used to generate these prompts.

Game Rules
1. Basic Play

Draw and add x cards to build a prompt. Nice and simple.

2. Drafting

Draw and reveal x cards, choose one to add, discard the rest. Repeat until you’ve added enough cards to build a prompt.

Golden Ticket Variant: The Value of the card chosen determines how many cards you draw and reveal for the next choice. 0 is 10 cards.

3. Freestyle

Spread the cards out face up over the table, within reach of all players. Players then simultaneously search for interesting combinations to build prompts with.

Mystery Mix Variant: Start with the cards face down on the table instead, and see where luck leads you.

4. Poker Prompts

Each player draws x cards into their hand and takes turns adding a card to build a prompt.

Texas Hold ‘Em Variant: Draw and add one or two cards from the deck before players add any from their hands.

5. Cardcassonne

Deal x cards to each player. Draw and play an additional card at the center of the table.

Single player variant: Set aside y cards, draw x cards. Draw a card from those set aside after a card is added.

Each player takes turns adding a card adjacent to those in play, making sure to match a Trait with one other adjacent card. If a player has no valid moves, they may add any card adjacent to any other.

Mixer Variant: cards from the same category cannot be added adjacent to one another. It is recommended to play with a set of cards from at least 4 different categories with this rule.

After all cards have been played, use this grid to find prompts made up of sets of adjacent cards.

6. Gridlock

Construct an x by x grid of face up cards on the table. Deal y cards to each player. Players take turns revealing and discarding a card and taking actions that correspond to the Suit of the card, as below.

Hourglass: Swap any two cards in the grid with at least one matching trait.

Moon: Shuffle any row or column of cards in the grid.

Crown: Slide a row or column of cards one space in any direction, replacing the card pushed out of the grid on the other side.

Drop: Discard any card from the grid and replace it with another drawn from the deck.

After all cards have been played, use this grid to find prompts made up of sets of adjacent cards or lines in the grid.

In case you want the prompts I ended up going with and aren't interested in knowing how I generated them, here's the list in a more convenient format.

Week 1's Prompts List

Day 1: Smothering + Face + Sensory Play

Day 2: Underwear + Parasitism + Overwhelming

Day 3: Meta + Submission + Accidents

Day 4: Corruption + Arousal + Transformation

Day 5: Food + Petplay + Body Modification

Day 6: Animalistic + Substance Use + Lactation

Day 7: Sensuality & Pleasure + Function Control + Permanence

Day 1: Smothering + Face + Sensory Play

The first game was Cardcassonne, with which I decided to build a square 3 by 3 grid using the mixer variant. Filling a fixed space meant that I knew how many cards I would be drawing, but for this first game I also set the hand size to 5 to give me some freedom of choice.

You can see the set of three in the top left of the grid, which really stuck with me early on in the game despite some other really fun groupings to be found in the completed set.

Day 2: Underwear + Parasitism + Overwhelming

I got Basic Play for the second prompt, which was fairly straightforward but also gave me pause for thought. I didn't want to limit myself entirely to a single prompt of three cards, and at least afford myself a little bit of flexibility when picking what to go with.

This is when I decided on the second global rule, so I drew 5 and picked 3. Admittedly, the full set of 5 doesn't synergize quite as much as I'd hoped, but there are a few other interesting prompts you could squeeze out of there.

Day 3: Meta + Submission + Accidents

Day 3's prompt was made with a game of Gridlock, which admittedly isn't quite as interesting when played solo. I find that I tend to pick out a small set of cards on the board early on and try to bring them together at the expense of all the others. My eyes were laser-focused on the "Meta" card, and I saw that I could cluster it with a bunch of other fun cards. As you can probably tell from the left side of the final grid, that's just what I did.

I think it would work far better if the resultant board was used to generate multiple prompts, while forcing you not to reuse cards in multiple prompts. Might do that next time it comes up, but in the meantime, please feel free to use this tapestry of debauchery any way you see fit!

Day 4: Corruption + Arousal + Transformation

Cardcassonne came up a second time for day 4, so I tried to limit my options a little by only giving myself 4 cards in hand to pick from each turn. I also built a 3 by 3 grid, though I might expand it to 4 by 4 next time I play this game. That, or limit the number of cards, as per the game's base rules, but not the shape of the grid.

In any case, here's is the grid that resulted from this second session.

Day 5: Food + Petplay + Body Modification

Poker Prompts came up for the fifth session and I'll be completely honest here, with the Texas Hold'Em variant (which works best when playing solo) turning up Food and Muscles as the starting set, I wasn't feeling too confident in my options. This is where I really solidified the second global rule and decided I would be allowed to add three more cards to the set with which I could form the final prompt, so I did.

It was a bit of a copout, sure, but I wasn't feeling the idea of combining Food and Muscles together in something that I'd enjoy making for myself, and that my audience would like to see. I might tweak the Texas Hold 'Em rule to say that at least one of the cards drawn at the start should be incorporated into the prompt; but ultimately it's up to whoever is using the cards to decide whether what's been generated is worth using or not. The cards aren't actually your mom, after all.

Day 6: Animalistic + Substance Use + Lactation

Freestyle play finally came up for day 6's prompt (though admittedly I did keep drawing cards until I got either of the two remaining games but shhh; I might tweak how selecting games works in the next batch session) and it was... Interesting to figure out how to do this on TableTop Sim.

I started by making the game fan out the remaining set of cards, and I started flicking sets of them back and forth on top of one another until I saw something that caught my eye, and set it aside. I continued until I found 3 that seemed to work, and stopped there.

This is the one game where I think I'll be making an exception to the second global rule, especially given that the entire deck is included as part of the pool anyway. If you'd like to make your own variations on this prompt, you can use some of the cards peeking through from the background.

Day 7: Sensuality & Pleasure + Function Control + Permanence

For the last day of the week, I used the last remaining game to come up: Drafting with the Golden Ticket variant. Nothing too special to report with this one; just ran it through 5 rounds, and picked my prompt from there.

That said, I found myself drawing somewhat more "wholesome" cards into my hand and figured I'd keep leaning into the theme. There were a lot of interesting ideas floating around the full set, but this one seemed most interesting to me.

So there's the week one's kink prompts prepped and ready to go! I should have the first drawing ready and uploaded by the end of the day, but if not, there's always the possibility of playing catch up. I'll be aiming to post something every day this month, so now's a great time to subscribe and get to see every one of them as soon as they go up!

As for what the drawings are gonna be exactly? Well you'll just have to wait and see. 🤭

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