Kinktober Day 11: Afflicted Androgyny

More bangers. Sure, there's selective bias at play since I'm picking my favourite three from five terms to make each prompt, but this one landed very much within my wheelhouse. Androgyny, Psyche Play & Adjustment, and Sexual Transmission. Basically gender fuckery, head fuckery, and sexual fuckery. What more could I ask for?

Jake seems to have the absolute worst best luck and keeps running afoul of suitors with special seed - also likely not too long after shaking off the endlessly orgasmic effects of his last encounter. Oh well, at least the symptoms are nice enough that they can enjoy the changes this time too; growing here and shrinking there...

Though, I do wonder if their enjoyment is at all voluntary at this point.

While putting down the colours for this piece I thought it'd be a nice touch to have the subtle purple/pink tone fading in from their extremities (in the left one) rather than being flat (in the right one) but after discussing it with Blaze, I figured it couldn't hurt to post both versions anyway.


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