Custom Kinktober ’23 – Volunteer YCH Slots

Roll on week 2!

In this blog post, I'll be keeping things a little bit shorter than the first instalment and only showing the resultant card pools and final prompts I went with for the coming week. I'll save my reflections and development notes on the Inspiration in a Box cards until after Kinktober, so that the posts don't get too unnecessarily wordy for those of you following along for the sake of the art and creative process. That said, if you're curious about how I generate these cardsets you can find a more detailed explanation on my Week 1 post.

Without further delay, here are this week's prompts and card pools - don't miss the end of this post below for a surprise!

NB: Don't mind too much the cards partly visible at the bottom of some of the card pool screenshots; these are part of an experiment I'm trying with some extra mechanics related to card modifiers, so far with mixed results, I think?

While their effects aren't particularly of concern to the prompts for the most part, one of them came into play most notably in this week's final prompt, where it's explained.

Day 8: Flexibility, Clothing, and Bondage & Restraint
Day 9: Stomach Bulging, Cum, and Magic
Day 10: Aftercare, Speech, and Species Play

I used the board made from this game to generate 2 prompts, since I have 6 games to use for 7 days.

Day 11: Androgyny, Psyche Play & Adjustment, and Sexual Transmission
Day 12: Mind Control & Hypnosis, Gender, and Worship
Day 13: Birthing, Exercise & Effort, and Competition
Day 14: Expulsion & Purging (Inverse), Merging & Swapping, and Character Differences

For this week’s final prompt, one of the modifier cards (partly visible at the bottom of the screen) acted as an “inverter,” which I could use to flip the meaning of one of the prompts; namely, Expulsion & Purging. So, to be exact, that card will be used for something closer to “Absorption and Assimilation.”

I hinted at a little surprise earlier, and now that I've proven that I can do this for more than a couple of days in a row, here it is: Volunteer Slots! If you're a Tier 2 or higher patron, you can volunteer for any* of this week's prompts that interest you. I'll pick based on who I feel would be best suited for the illustration, or who hasn't yet gotten one yet.

Even if you've already gotten one cause I handpicked you in the first week, feel free to volunteer again, just in case!

Can't volunteer, or didn't get picked for your favourite? Don't worry about it - all of the Kinktober illustrations will be made into YCH slots after the month is done, too! Just keep that in mind for the art you'll be receiving if you get picked as a volunteer: others are likely to get one like it later on too.

If you'd like to volunteer for some of the upcoming slots, please consider pledging at Tier 2 or higher!

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