Kinktober Day 4: Chocolate Corruption

Today's prompt is Corruption, Transformation and Arousal, and this one had my name all over it - Chocolate's, to be precise. I only wish I'd given myself more time to work on this because I would have liked to include a lot more magical effects, but I think that what I included does the job decently enough.

It's especially ironic since the time I aim to upload is @666 in Swatch Internet Time, and this is the first Kinktober illustration that missed that deadline. Adding the second insert might've been a little extra, but either way I got it done and I feel better off for having included it. It was fun challenging myself to get this done within a set time, but I didn't want to compromise too much on the quality to stick to that restriction.

That said, I love succubi and have been meaning to do a TF of one of my girls into one for a long time now, so I'm glad to finally have that added to my repertoire. Seems it'd be something Chocolate would dabble in, you know, for a little bit of fun. I'd be careful though, since it seems she's got her eye on you already.

I hope you like it as much as I enjoyed making it!


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