Social Media Silliness Pack (August ’23)

Here's a boatload of art inspired or brought on by my interactions with folks over on Twitter!

First up, some giftart: Starting with Bubbles who surprised me with this super sassy looking shortstack version of me! I genuinely think I look like a primary school teacher of some kind, which I really love. I decided to draw them looking as excited as they seemed to be while giving out all that fun art to folks.

Later on, I made another thing for Cody Omega as a reward for reaching an important milestone.

Next came the memes.

During the massive FurAffinity content policy update fiasco, my friend Seecret was putting in a lot of time and effort into figuring out just how deep the rabbithole of awful decision-making really went. So I decided to honor his service informing us of the extent of the management's ineptitude throughout the entire process with some giftart based off of an old timey war propaganda poster. It was a fun exercise to get it to match as closely as possible, while updating it to the vibe I was going for.

After I saw the Barbie mugshot drawover trend spreading I knew I had to get a piece of it with my two three bunny menaces. Just look at them; Choco and Choco know they're getting out by lunchtime.

Some direct Twitter references involving yours truly; the first inspired by how I was deliberately ignoring a backlog of notifications that I knew were mostly positive and affirming, to save them for when I needed a vibe boost.

The second was based on a quote I found going around, which I thought was particularly funny in my context. Seems a very appropriate thing for a bunnygirl to say.

And finally some more rough-sketched memes, this time in the form of direct redraws of others.

The first is a furry redraw of a couple of photos of foxes in cars with a similar look.

The second is a redraw of how Pikachu looks while riding your shoulder in one of the recent Pokémon remakes, kinda perched and staring off into the distance. I've unfortunately misplaced the screenshot so you'll have to take my word for it.


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