Back from Hiatus! Some Work and Life Updates

Hi all, it's been a while! Sorry for not mentioning anything about my absence any sooner, but I needed some time to myself given all that's been going on with me in the first short months of the year. I figured it'd be best to share a little update about getting back in the saddle, so you know what's been going on with me at least in retrospect.

Because of some of the recent drastic changes in my life, I've invested in new equipment for a portable work setup. I've always wanted to try having a more nomadic lifestyle, and I'm taking the opportunity now that it's presented itself again. Unfortunately, the laptop I ordered has been held up over and over for the past two months thanks to order fuckups and parts shortages. For now though, I've at least gotten my hands on the most essential part of the kit (which I'll be revealing in tonight's return stream), so I can get a head start on practicing with it until I need it for CFz.

I want to thank everyone who's contributed to the Debauchery Drive, which is still technically ongoing. It's helped me make ends meet after having put down quite a bit of money for work and transition related stuff, and I'll be picking up that project again real soon. There's several more illustrations that have met their goals and I'm looking forward to getting them done for you all.

Further to that, I had my first appointment for gender therapy just yesterday. It was a preliminary checkup to assess the severity of my situation, and what services and help I need to get to where I want to be. Although I went into it feeling optimistic, albeit a little nervous, I was still impressed by how kind and understanding the consultant and therapist were while asking questions and listening to me. The next step is a psych checkup to make sure I'm able to give informed consent for whatever therapy I want to sign up for, but voice training and an endocrinologist appointment for HRT are pretty much already in the pipeline. I'm still nervous and a little apprehensive, but it's very exciting nonetheless.

I'd really like to properly gear up on my artwork again sometime soon, and I've been thinking about a new schedule for online activities like streaming and Discord events, so stay tuned for that. For the time being I'll just be resuming streaming sessions at my usual time tonight, and I hope to see you there.


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