Wolfie’s Streams – September ’21

Fell behind on stream time last month so here's the first of two catchup sessions intended for this month.

Wolfie was running dry on ideas so he let me take the reins. I had an idea for a style experiment thad was still bouncing around from my previous stream session, and figured I'd put it to practice on Ru and Austin instead. Still not quite what I was going for, but I'm nevertheless extremely pleased with the results based on that.

Wolfie then was nice enough to keep an earlier request I'd made to mind, where I asked to revisit some older drawings to polish them up with a little colour.

These two are a pair of sequentially linked pictures I'd made back in 2019, and I coloured them both to make them pop a little better. To round out the session, he asked me to draw nurse Ericka from the school, carting some very conspicuous supplies to one of the campus' nurseries. Was loads of fun to revisit the school setting, especially the cute panda nurse. 💝


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