YCH Slot Listings are Live!

What, hadn't I mentioned this before?

Yup, after about a week in development the Candy Shop now has patron-exclusive YCH slots! You can claim one (or several!) right now if you're pledging at the 2nd tier or higher - Click the new link in the site's menu to check out what I've got available. I picked a small selection to start out with, but I'll be adding more to the listings as I go along.

You should have already received a notification for one of the available slots along with this post's, so you know what to look out for or set your email filters to notify you about in future.

This is a feature that (say the line, Choco!) I've been wanting to implement for a very long time now, even more so because the idea came to me before this site was even a thing.

The original concept focused primarily on listing commission ideas that customers could make use of; with the way this has turned out, I've extended it to all kinds of purchaseable premade artwork; from traditional YCHes based on already-finished art, to simple concepts and art ideas I've had in the past.

Here's a brief breakdown of the main categories of what I've been calling "Art Slots," in case you're curious:

  • Template: art customized by palette-swaps, recolors and/or minor edits to the base image's linework.
  • Premade: finished or relatively-polished artwork which I designed for the purposes of customization, allowing you to put your character in the place of others within the piece.
  • Concept: commission prompts based on existing work or a text description. These are used when I want to open up a themed image set or an as-yet unmade idea for you to include yourself in, or get your own version of.
  • Sponsored: pending Candy Shop artwork which you can buy a slot in, speeding up the production process. I'm still figuring out the specifics of how this category will work, which is why there are no slots of this type just yet.

Patrons at tiers 2 or higher can claim any open listing, while tier 4 patrons can claim any listing, even when closed. I will be writing a more detailed guide with further information and how how to claim these slots later on, but I've made every effort to make it as straightforward as possible so you can grab one right away.

Start by clicking on one of the listings you're interested in and read the details and options available. Once you've chosen the slot you'd like to buy, click the Order button to head over to my Commiss.io page and submit your request. If you've already commissioned me or are familiar with Commiss.io, this shouldn't be much different.

Since this is very much brand new, please let me know if anything is confusing, unclear or in need of improvement. There's only so many options available to me given the systems I'm working with, and I took what felt like the best decisions I had available to me at the time. Your feedback is invaluable to me. ♥


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