Standard Commission Tiers Pricelist (Updated)

Last week, I spent a bunch of time finalizing my commission pricelist, making the last few adjustments and additions following the last batch I took. I now have my full set of standard options ready for business.

I still have some other work left to do before I'm in a position to reopen my queue, but consider this early-early notice that it'll be happening sometime soon. This'll let you decide exactly which option best suits your budget.

Please note that I've set a minimum price of €20 for any single commission. This should only come into play when applying discounts to the "Quickie" sketch tier and, in some cases, the Simple sketch tier. Do keep this in mind if you were aiming for one of the cheaper options.

My custom artwork tiers aren't anything new and work much like most other commission artists' tiers do, so I don't think there's much explaining to be done there. However, I've added a new category I'm calling "Lucky Draw," which has two (technically three) special tiers included:

"Grab Bag" artwork is pretty much a repackaged version of my old Patreon art rewards. For those of you who are unfamiliar, these are timed art slots based on simple prompts. You provide one or two characters along with a few basic themes or kinks with which I will come up with an idea for a piece of artwork. At Tier 1, I will work on the piece for half an hour; at Tier 2, I will work on it for an hour and thirty minutes.

This kind of commission is ideal if you're lacking ideas or prefer to leave it up to me, and often results in work at a higher level of detail than custom tiers of a similar price. You may later upgrade any of the artwork you get at this tier at my usual custom commission rates if you are particularly happy with the result.

"Quickie" sketches work much in the same way, only further simplified. You provide a character for me to draw and an optional theme, and I will draw a quick, loose character sketch based on that. These sketches cannot be upgraded.

Please let me know if you have any questions, and I will be happy to help.


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