First Post of the Decade: Important Information

Hello Everyone, and once again; Happy New Year! We've made it to a new decade - and there's a lot for us to see and do here.

As part of my Christmas streams last month, I drew this scene based off of recent real life events. I wanted to share a very crucial and overdue step that I took towards establishing my job as a furry artist for the foreseeable future.

Most of you who have been following me for a while know that up until around 3 years ago, it was illegal for me to produce adult content for any reason whatsoever. At that time, a much needed change in the relevant laws lifted the restriction, which allowed me to express myself more freely.

As time went on and I pursued my craft, I didn't think much of it. I'd read the new law and it seemed pretty clear that I was safe making and sharing the content that I did. However, the law was further revised over time, and I noticed these changes when I was getting all my paperwork in order around October. After three years of building up my business things had gotten pretty serious, so I had to be absolutely sure that everything was safe for me to proceed in light of these changes. I couldn't risk any trouble if I was going to sustain myself with this line of work.

To cut a longer story short: through a series of rather stressful and costly events, I finally got a consultation with a lawyer who was competent and open-minded enough to give me a straight answer on this issue. She made it abundantly clear where my boundaries lie, and with a professional's verdict on the matter in hand I can finally push forwards without the fear of "being caught" weighing me down.

Although this is technically something that was already established a while ago, I wanted to give a little background insight into what goes into my work, much like every other artist in our community.

These aren't problems I talk about very openly most of the time, but I wanted to share the good news to set off the new year. It's exciting to say the least. 💖


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