Commission Queue Priority is a perk given to patrons pledging at the Gourmet Praline (€15) tier or higher. It can most easily be described as "preferential access to commissions," which gets your requests ahead of the waitlist faster than it otherwise would be.

If you plan on getting commissions regularly from me, it is always strongly advised that you enable your email notifications for this site and follow me on my Artconomy page. While my commissions will be kept open by default, I will sometimes post updates regarding my work queue via Artconomy and on this site under the News/Work Queue category, with an email notification sent out at the same time.

My commission queue uses a waitlist; I will be open for commissions the majority of the time that I am able to work, and you can apply for one whenever you like. I pick new projects from the waitlist whenever I have space for it depending on which fits best in my current workload, which I like the most, and which has been in the list the longest. If you have Priority access, your commission is effectively entered into a separate waitlist entirely, which I select work more frequently from than the main one.

Commissions chosen for work this way are limited to once per month per patron, but you are not prohibited from submitting nor having additional commissions completed per month; such as with a monthly YCH slot or when there aren't any other projects in the waitlist.

Subscriber discounts apply to all commissions whichever way they are selected from the waitlist, unless otherwise stated. Note that all commissions have a minimum price per piece as shown on my pricelist, regardless of any applicable discounts.