The commission priority queue is a reward reserved for patrons pledging at the Gourmet Praline (€15) tier or higher. It can most easily be described as "early access for commissions," consisting of specially reserved slots that you can use as long as you have an active subscription whenever they are opened.

If you plan on getting commissions regularly from me, it is always strongly advised that you enable your email notifications for this site and follow me on my page. Whenever the priority queue is reopened, it is announced exclusively on this site with a post in the News/Work Queue category, with an email notification sent out at the same time.

In these posts, priority slots are listed by type, each with a special private link where you can submit your commission request. Please provide a detailed enough description of what you want in your commission for work to start as quickly as possible. You may only submit one request each time the queue is opened.

Submitted commission requests are given final confirmation when the priority queue closes, 48 hours after it is first opened. Extra slots are then added and the listings opened to the public. The number of priority slots may also be increased during the initial period if they are claimed quickly, so do check the links again if you find them full. In case of higher demand than I am able to accommodate, I may give preference to whoever has had fewest opportunities to commission me recently.

Note that the commission priority queue won't necessarily be opened before every single new batch of public commissions, but you may request a commission slot either way. As per my TOS, I reserve the right to refuse a commission request for any reason.

Subscriber discounts apply to all commissions whichever way they were claimed, unless otherwise stated. Note that commissions have a €20 minimum price per piece, regardless of any discounts.