Patrons pledging at the Devil's Food Cake (€25) tier can help influence the content I make for the site by providing some of their preferred kinks or themes, or a link to any art or social media account I can refer to for suggestions. The work I do here is mostly self-directed, but picking from a specific list helps me when coming up with new ideas.

You can claim this reward after you've completed your first pledge. This will unlock a number of new fields on your user profile page, which includes the Content Tailoring sections.

To set it up, go to your user profile page and scroll down to find the appropriate fields, as shown below. You can choose to provide up to three simple ideas (e.g. "Hypnosis," "Crossdressing," "Transformation," "Slice of Life") and/or link to any art gallery or social media account.

I'll refer to these preferences, and the submissions and likes/faves of the linked account if provided. If both are provided, I will prioritize referring to the specific preferences over the linked account. Note that I won't be including specific patrons' characters in the art resulting from these suggestions - this is meant to give a better idea of what people would like to see me make more of, and helps to focus my efforts a little bit.