Custom Kinktober ’23 – Final Fourlong

We're nearing the final stretch! To try and end on a high note, I'm doing things a little bit differently.

There's not much that needs explaining upfront this time, so let's get right into the prompts for the last 7 days of Kinktober.

Posing (Main), Suppression & Denial, and Consumption (Supplementary)

The modifier cards were quite interesting in conjunction with this pool of terms.

Breasts, Subversion, and Missing Appendages
Fumes, Casual, and Domination & Control

I didn’t really find any use for the modifiers in this set, so I just stuck with the terms as presented.

Pussy, Additional Appendages, and Cock & Balls

You’ll notice that the three terms aren’t all adjacent for this prompt; without going too much into detail, it’s to do with the modifier cards, which I ruled to allow me to swap one card in the set for another.

Hair, Realism, and Taboo
Romance & Affection, Role Reversal (0.3), and Temptation & Infidelity (~ Dubcon & Noncon)

The modifier cards here adjusted the intensity of one card (0.3) and tweaked the meaning of another (Temptation + Dubcon) by combining it with a fourth.

Pussy, Exaggeration, and Humiliation

Similarly to the other prompt from this set, one of the modifier cards allowed me to swap one card in the prompt for another on the board, which is why they’re not all adjacent.

Multiple Body Parts, Apparatuses & Accessories, and Arms
Computers & Machinery, Character Traits & Stats, and Pain

So what you've likely noticed by now is that none of the prompts have days listed on them, and that there are more than needed for the final week of Kinktober. That's because I'm putting these up to a joint volunteer and vote pool.

Two of these prompts will not be drawn, depending on how many people volunteer for them! I won't be announcing any winners nor releasing the list as I go (although you can view the ongoing results if the poll is visible to you); I'll simply be picking the next most popular prompt in the list when I need to choose.

So, get to it!

I will remind you again that if you haven't already done so, please visit your profile page and add your contact details and offsite profile info - I'll need this information to get your express consent for any art rewards (including the Kinktober slots you've volunteered for) or relevant site projects in future.

If you'd like to vote and volunteer for the final upcoming slots, please consider pledging at Tier 2 or higher!

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