September Life Update; A Slow Climb

Figured it was high time to write another blog post, at the very least to let you all know that I'm still kicking. This one will be a shorter update than the last, but still worth making.

I want to start by thanking you again for your continued support. I feel a little guilty accepting pledges since I've been caught up with my recovery, but the contributions really do help a lot. I have every intention of getting back into things as soon as I can manage, and I'm certainly looking forward to it just as much as you all are too.

Admittedly, my recovery has been rather slow. Depression is a hell of a thing to deal with; everything feels dulled, and difficult, and not worth the effort, and even positive experiences are lost to the muted mental state that it keeps you in. That said I've still been getting better, bit by bit, and doing my best not to let it hold me down forever. I've felt like myself again more and more frequently every week, and while things have gone a little back and forth, I'm hoping that the overall trend continues without any major issues. I'm taking some bigger steps towards fixing what's led me to this state and, while it hasn't been easy, it should give me something new to work towards and look forward to.

On that note, my other job has been going well enough since starting last month. It's provided several new experiences already, while helping me stabilize myself financially. If things keep going smoothly, I should be able to refocus my efforts and start drawing again in my spare time; perhaps I could manage some sketches for you to enjoy, until I can take on bigger projects once more.

Thanks again, everyone. You're the best.


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