Hard Times; Unwanted Hiatus

I'm sorry. Things have been extremely difficult for me lately, and I just got another curveball thrown my way. Although I'm still fighting, I feel like the effort I can make is waning every day and leaving little over for myself and my artwork.

I figured it was sensible to mention this in case anyone is wondering about the lack of new content here, especially if you'd like to reconsider your pledge in light of that. I don't enjoy going on hiatuses like this and it feels like my work ought to take higher priority, but even without being overly dramatic, some days I've felt like I'm barely hanging on.

I've got another therapy session set for tomorrow and I'm hoping it'll give me some mental clarity, but I thought it might be best to post about all of this while it's current.

I'm still fighting and doing the best I can, but it's felt far, far harder for me than it has any business being and I'm running chronically low on stamina. I wish I could be stronger than this, but not being given the time I need to heal, and effectively getting kicked while I'm down is hardly conducive to me feeling happy and creative. I genuinely want to get back on the saddle as soon as I can, but I've got a lot on my plate; personally, mentally, emotionally, that I need to deal with.

I might have moments of ease when I might get some stuff done, but until I regain some stability I don't feel like I can make any real promises.

For the time being, I'm really grateful for your patience and continued support. Thank you.


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