HyperPop Chocolates

Felt the urge to do some more experimentation during yesterday's stream, after being inspired again by the style of music I've been binging for the past couple of months.

Although a lot of different things got thrown into a blender to create this piece, if I had to pin it down to a single point of inspiration, it'd have to be NANORAY's recent release, ZAPPER. The track SALMON CANNON DELUXE is probably the one that comes closest to the vibe I ended up landing on, which is especially appropriate since I borrowed a lot, subconsciously or otherwise, from Splatoon's visual language while figuring out its execution.

I also exported and uploaded a timelapse to YouTube to show the sketching and linework process. The colour work took a bit of planning and thought, but since it consisted almost entirely of reusing parts of the image and flood-filling the rest, it goes by far quicker than it did in practice.

For what it is, this piece was extremely fulfilling for me to make and while it didn't quite end up exactly as I'd originally intended, I'm still so proud of how it turned out. I got to try out a handful of new techniques that I've added to my repertoire and look forward to reusing, and I'm certain we'll see these versions of Choco and Ruby turning up in my art again in future.

I really hope you like it. 💖


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