Brief Struggle

Just wanted to touch base real quick cause work's felt very slow going as of late, and it's always a good idea to keep you all in the loop as much as I can. It's the least I can do.

Without going too much into detail, the last two weeks or so have been quite difficult for me. Between my computer having a catastrophic hardware failure, which I've since fixed, and falling into some very deep introspection on myself and my personal life, I've ended up extremely drained and, at the risk of sounding a little melodramatic, left a little at the end of my tether.

I've been doing all I can to bounce back from it and I'm already feeling much better now. I'm sure that I'll be alright again soon enough but until then, I appreciate your patience and continued support - I'm being cautious, but I'm eager to get back at it again as quickly as I can.

Love you all. ❤

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