Stinky Lil’ Ferret

Just the other day I was working on some YCH orders and happened to rediscover an earlier sketch I'd done of Isaac for the Pampered Playschool Pals imageset, where he was missing all of his clothes.

Inspiration struck, and I couldn't resist the mental image of the mischievous little tyke making absolutely no effort whatsoever to reach the potty should he ever feel the need to go. Just giving a little fidget before squatting and filling his rustly, elasticated pants quite enthusiastically.

I ended up invoking my "Whatever" Work Ethic and Exclusive Essentials work prompts when making this, as most of the changes (heh) between the two parts involved reusing the vector lines of the first part by tweaking and rotating them into place. I'd already taken up too much time for what was ostensibly a warmup "sketch" just for me, though, so it got the job done just fine, and was good practice for whenever the technique might come in useful again someday.

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