Chocolate’s Candy Shop’s First Yeariversary!

What a journey this has been. I'd been thinking about jumping ship from Patreon for a while before it finally came about - thanks to their constant shifting of the goalposts via their TOS - but as of today we're already a whole year on from the move and still going strong.

I won't act like it hasn't been a serious challenge, even if we had to ignore all the everything else that's going on outside. Without realizing it at the time, making the leap onto my own platform this way was effectively like learning how to swim by grabbing myself by the tail and scruff and yeeting myself into the deep end of the pool. There's plenty more for me to learn and improve upon even to this day.

Despite all that I'm still here, striving to do better and achieve my goals. There have been many setbacks, sure, but I've kept afloat and bounced back every time. I have every intention of keeping this up, and make next year so much better than the last.

For that opportunity, I have all of you guys and gals to thank. Sticking with me through thick and thin and showing me endless amounts of patience and support means that I can continue doing this from my own platform, on my own terms.

I have so much still planned to make and share with you, and I'm working hard to make it happen. For now though, I think this is a good cause for celebration.

I'll be holding an extra stream session a little later today to commemorate the occasion. Some sort of random mishmash of whatever art comes to mind, floundering in whichever games I fancy playing, and maybe running a few raffles as well, while we're at it.

I'll post notifications, once I go live, on all of my usual places (namely Telegram, Discord - join the "Art Group" there, Twitter, FA and IB) so be sure to follow me wherever works best for you so you don't miss out. I hope you'll join us.

Thanks again everyone! Here's to another fantastic, fetish-filled year.


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