Merry Christmas!

Hey everyone. I apologize for neglecting the site the past few months but it felt like further updates would amount to much of the same from the previous two. I've kind of settled into a bit of a routine since then - a little more about that later on.

I first wanted to at least dedicate some time to express just how much your continued support means to me, and what a difference it's made over the course of what's easily been one of the hardest years of my life. While I've never boasted a massive following, I am really fortunate to have the people I do backing me up and I don't take it for granted. I'm conscious of the long hiatus I've been on, but the lack of pressure to rush back into things has given me the space to heal as gradually as I need to. That's not been lost on me, and I feel like I'm gradually growing more eager and able to get back in the saddle and creating again for you all.

I cannot understate how much I wish all the best for you, your friends and family this festive season, and I hope to make good on your generosity and patience as soon as I can manage.

My personal progress overall has admittedly been slow, certainly slower than I'd like it to be, but I've come quite far from the state I was in back in June. My daily routine and general attitude have notably improved, and while I still feel miles away from where I was hoping to be at the start of the year, I'm regaining a sense of hope and optimism for working towards my goals again soon.

Thank you once again for making things so much easier for me during this difficult time. I'm working hard on making a return to form, as I miss it terribly. See you next year. 💝


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